​​​Where Art Warms the Heart


Paints on Fire is a family owned and operated mobile paint-your-own pottery studio.  Our art instructor, Cindy Hagedorn, has been creating ceramic art since 1974.  She has owned and taught at several art studios in her early professional life, but sought other career endeavors.

Inspired by her grandchildren's artistic desires, Cindy decided to fire up her kiln once again and return to her true, heartfelt passion. Her daughter-in-law, Theresa Okun, partnered with Cindy offering her love of event planning along with a vast network of parents, children and friends within the local region. 

Owner Robert Hagedorn, Cindy's husband, is the chief support of this family business and his wife's vision of bringing art into the community.

Tyler and Natalie Okun, Cindy and Robert's grandchildren, proudly attend many Paints on Fire events where they can be found passing out materials, instructing fellow artists and cleaning up the creative messes left behind. 

"Art comes from the heart. It shouldn't be perfect, but it should express you perfectly" ~Cindy Hagedorn